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A New High-Tech Anti-Aging Cream Emerges

Very few skin creams come out and live up to the claims that they make. When Lifecell cream came on the market, it is understandable that many people were skeptical at best.

There weren’t very many Lifecell reviews available and if a product could replace the need for Botox and plastic surgery, why haven’t more people heard of this product? It is with all this in mind that we decided to take a deeper look into this product.

What Makes It So Extraordinary?

The product contains a compound known as Dithiolane-3-Pentanoic Acid (D3PA). This is a compound that has been shown to help promote the dilation of capillaries and increase the circulation of the blood. This is then designed to bring the nutrients needed by the skin to regain a youthful appearance.

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User Results

On the positive side of this product, you can find that quite some research has been done. Recent studies have shown that within five days of application, users began to notice changes in their appearance. These changes include a reduction in lines and wrinkles as well as improvement with rough and dry skin. While there are claims you can see results in as little as 17 seconds, I have only seen one Lifecell review that actually had people experiencing this. However, many do claim that they saw significant results in a five day period.

With that said, I decided to put it to the test. I applied the cream to my face and allowed it to soak into my skin. The texture was very silky and I was pleased that there was no greasy residue left.

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My Experience

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Taking a moment, I looked in the mirror and noted that outside of looking moisturized, I didn’t appear to have any dramatic changes. Understanding it took time for people to experience results in a few days, I chose to give it a week before deciding if the product was worth it. Of course, it would take just a few days for me to get the confirmation I needed.

While at the store, a friend of mine ran into me and was shocked by the transformation. She noted that my pores looked smaller and the wrinkles on my face were less visible. She promptly asked me who my surgeon was since I was able to get results within a week of seeing her last. I told her it was actually Lifecell cream and I was surprised that in a few days that the results were that noticeable.

Personal Conclusion

Overall, I would recommend Lifecell cream with only minor reservations. As with any product, there is a potential for skin irritation and the $189 price tag after the free trial might seem costly to some. However, I cannot deny that there were results and with a 120 day full money back guarantee, I think most people will find it to be an exceptional product.

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