If you’re looking for honest and useful information about whether or not you should buy LifeCell you’ve come to the right place. You probably know how difficult it is to find reliable unbiased information about anti-wrinkle cream products online, and that’s why I have created this site.

LifeCell is an anti-aging anti-wrinkle cream new to the skin care market that claims to use a Nobel Prize winning, science inspired discovery in cutting edge skincare technology, which replaces the need for painful Botox injections, laser therapy and often even plastic surgery.

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Are You Suspicious of the Claims?

South Beach Skincare, the producer of LifeCell wrinkle cream, claim their product makes all visible signs of aging including wrinkles, deep lines, sagging skin, age-spots, puffiness and dark circles under the eyes, disappear almost instantly, even when seen up close. Those are some disturbingly big claims and to be honest I was about ready to discount the product as being yet another wrinkle cream scam. I’ve heard many claims like these before and usually been disappointed when the products simply don’t do what they promised. But I had to ask myself “What if the claims ARE true?” So I decided to investigate further.

“I ordered this product and loved it! It has been all that I imagined and much more. I experienced results immediately after I started using it and people are constantly commenting on how great my skin looks. I highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a quality face cream to make them look and feel younger.” ~ N. Lyons

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Investigating the Product Online

I searched Google for information about South Beach Skincare, LifeCell, and about Dr Janet Allenby, the dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon who recommends LifeCell wrinkle cream on the product website.


The results from my research online at first seemed somewhat inconclusive. All information I found on Dr Janet Allenby suggests strongly that she is a widely respected cosmetic dermatologist and surgeon; however I found some conflicting LifeCell wrinkle cream reviews in the forums. Of course there were many strong positive feedback responses from satisfied LifeCell anti-wrinkle cream users as well.

What I noticed at closer examination was very enlightening indeed! All the negative reviews I found were written in very poor English and had clearly been written by someone who doesn’t speak English as their first language. This seemed strange to me because LifeCell is only sold in USA and Canada, where English is the native tongue. I have seen this strategy before, where the producer of a competing product will outsource someone, usually from the Philippines, to visit forums and review sites leaving negative feedback for competing products. And similarities in writing styles combined with poor English and grammar convinced me this was the case with these LifeCell cream reviews.

Now satisfied that there were in fact many happy LifeCell cream users reporting positive results, and that the few negative reports I had found were clearly outsourced propaganda by a competing product owner, the only thing left to do is to try the product myself. So I did!

I was still a bit sceptical, or perhaps I was cautiously optimistic. So I decided to take advantage of the Free LifeCell Trial. After all what’s the risk in using the product for 30 days with no money down? No risk at all.

How it Worked for Me

When I first applied the anti-wrinkle cream I did notice significant reduction in visibility of fine wrinkle lines on my face and I felt a tightening of the skin. Although the deeper lines around my eyes and forehead took a couple of weeks to show noticeable improvement. Age-spots became almost invisible after the first application.

LifeCell anti-wrinkle cream absorbed instantly when I applied it to my face and was non-greasy, but you really should expect that from any good wrinkle cream.

After about six weeks of use the deep frown lines in my forehead and crow’s feet besides my eyes had been reduced so significantly that my friend who had been using Botox asked if I’d been having the injections too!

My daughter Katerina, who has just turned 40, has also started using the product. And both of us are enjoying frequent compliments from people noticing how much younger we look.

Should You Buy it? My Personal Recommendation…

The results for myself and my daughter have been quite amazing. Of course it’s always possible your results may vary, so I strongly recommend taking the risk free option and trying the product for free on the Free 30-day LifeCell Trial to see the results for yourself. If you want to take advantage of this special offer you should do it right now because it is a limited offer and will be removed very soon.

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